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Evelynn receives slight tweaks in the League of Legends PBE

Evelynn was tweaked in the League of Legends PBE
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

After a week of statistical tweaks to almost every League of Legends champion, Friday’s update to the Public Beta Environment was comparatively small.

Evelynn’s abilities received some changes — which is natural for a newly reworked champion — so that she would be more in line. The cooldown of her Q was lowered to six seconds at all ranks, the cooldown refund when hitting neutral monsters was reduced to 30 percent, the initial skill shot damage was increased by 10 points at all ranks, and spike damage that comes after the initial skill shot was increased by 10 points at all ranks.

Her E was buffed, as the magic damage for it was increased by 10 points at all ranks, and the empowered version of her E — which activates after she enters into Demon Shade — was also increased by 10 points at all ranks.

List of rune changes 

Approach Velocity now only activates when moving toward an allied champion with impaired movement or toward an enemy champion whose movement was impaired by the player. Slowed minions no longer trigger the movement sped buff.

Kleptomancy, one of the Keystone runes in the Inspiration path, can now drop a new kind of random potion, “Pilfered Potion of Rouge,” which gives a boost to attack damage or ability power to the user depending on the item build.

Zombie Ward’s ward assist window has been widened to 10 seconds.

The Legend rune line has been updated as a group, the maximum stacks increased to 10. Champions and epic monsters now give full stacks, 20 minion kills are needed for one stack, and four large monsters are needed for one stack.

Arcane Comet’s Cooldown refund activates at a maximum of every half second, the cooldown refund was reduced to 15 percent, and the cooldown refunds to damage over time effects was reduced to five percent.


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