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Sign-ups open for the League of Legends PBE

The League of Legends PBE is open for sign-ups

Sign-ups opened Thursday for the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE).

After being closed for some time due to “tech and feature upgrades,” Riot Games has opened the PBE for players to sign up for the game’s testing grounds. Interested players must fulfill some new requirements. They will have to link their League of Legends account to the PBE to prove they don’t have any current player behavior restrictions or bans, and they must also be at least Honor level 3. If they do meet the requirements, they will be added to the PBE with a level 30 account with a lot of RP and Blue Essence, the two currencies in the game. Any returning players to the PBE won’t have to sign up again and will be able to log in as normal.

Riot also updated the PBE servers to make them more stable. As the servers are located in North America, players from the region might experience more latency.

The PBE is where experimental changes are applied before they get added to the live servers. PBE players also get the benefit of playing with any new skins or features that have yet to make it to the live servers, and an infinite amount of currency to buy anything from the store they like.


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