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BIT to join team with kNg, LUCAS1, HEN1 and fnx

BIT will join a CS:GO team with former Immortals players
Photo by Pierre Yves-Laroche/DreamHack

Bruno “BIT” Fukuda Lima said Monday he will join a team with Immortals players Vito “kNg” Giuseppe, Lucas “LUCAS1” Teles, Henrique “HEN1” Teles and Lincoln “fnx” Lau, pending the release of the contracts with their current teams.

“So from now on we will be playing together and we are all very happy with this lineup and very excited to start practicing, but we are currently under contract with our orgs and looking forward to fix this to be able to play again,” he wrote via Twitlonger. “We are open for offers and also already talking with a few organizations because we want to compete as soon as possible.”

BIT explained that he was first approached by kNg, HEN1 and LUCAS1 a couple of days before the ESEA Season 25 Global Challenge last month. If the team forms, it will hold a berth in the ELEAGUE Major in January after Immortals finished second at the PGL Krakow Major in July to earn “Legend” status. Per Valve’s rules, if three of five players from a Legend team, the players retain the Major berth instead of its organization.

Immortals entered into a full rebuild after removing kNg and benching HEN1 and LUCAS1, who requested to leave the team after the removal of kNg. The upheaval started after those three players showed up late to Immortals’ match in the finals of DreamHack Montreal last month, prompting a forfeit of the first map (which helped led to a 2-0 loss). KNg then threatened a Counter Logic Gaming player and was removed from the team after playing in an online match despite being suspended by the organization.

Immortals has since added João “horvy” Horvath, Caio “zqk” Fonseca and Lucas “destinyy” Bullo.


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