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Galio could be in line for further tweaks

Galio received tweaks in the League of Legends PBE
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The recently-reworked and meta-viable tank Galio had all of his abilities including his passive tweaked Monday in the League of Legends Public Beta Environment.

Most of the changes seem to affect the ability power ratio for his damaging abilities, as all of them have been increased. His passive’s AP ratio increased from 40 percent to 70, his Q’s AP ratio increased from 75 percent to 90, and the bonus damage on the lingering tornado now does 3 percent of the enemy’s maximum health instead of 2 percent. His E’s AP ratio increased from 70 percent to 90, and his ultimate’s AP ratio increased from 70 percent to 85.

As Galio functions best as a scaling tank, the increase AP ratios of his damaging abilities seem to give him more power, especially with a damage item or two. To compensate, the base damages of his Q and E have been decreased.

His W, which allows him to taunt enemy units, received a new effect. Galio now starts to charge, gaining a scaling amount of damage reduction from magic damage with a bonus amount of 8 percent of his current resistance, while half of that damage reduction applies to attack damage. While charging, Galio also slows himself by 30 percent.

Apart from the AP ratios and base damage changes, his ultimate now also has a shorter knock-up time, as enemies caught in the center of his Heroic Entrance are knocked up for 1.5 seconds instead of 1.75. Enemies caught in the outsider rim of his entrance are knocked up for 0.5 seconds instead of 0.75.

Jungle Ekko still being tested

First, Ekko‘s passive dealt double the damage to neutral monsters. Then the cooldowns of his passive were eliminated when hitting enemy minions and neutral monsters. Now Riot Games has returned to the first idea, but with a cap to the maximum damage to monsters of 600.

Sejuani’s passive tweaked

One of the most popular tank junglers in the current meta, Sejuani has been a contested jungle pick. The bonus armor and magic resistance she gets when not attacked by champions or large monsters for 12 seconds has increased at later ranks. The lingering duration of the bonus after getting attacked now has a set value of two seconds, and the cooldown for the passive now has a set value of 12 seconds.

Slight Urgot changes

Urgot‘s bonus damage has been reduced at earlier levels for attacks based on the target’s maximum health when attacking an enemy unit in the direction of one of his legs. The cooldown of each leg has been reduced at later levels. Cooldown items will no longer reduce the cooldown timer for his legs.

The mana cost for his Q was set to 50 at all ranks, and time until the cask explodes was reduced from 0.85 seconds to 0.5 seconds. The missile speed of his ultimate has also increased.

Tear of the Goddess now stacks faster

All of the items that build out of the Tear of the Goddess now charge four times every 16 seconds.


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