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Mercy changes go live in latest Overwatch update

Mercy changes went live Tuesday in Overwatch
Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Changes to Overwatch hero Mercy went live Tuesday in the latest update to the game, as they copied what was tested in the game’s Public Test Region.

Mercy players can now glide past their target allies using her Guardian Angel ability, and the cooldown is no longer reset when she uses her Resurrect ability. That forces players to properly judge when it will be most prudent to dash toward a fallen ally, as they won’t be able to dash back into safety.

Her ultimate, Valkyrie, no longer resets the cooldown of her Resurrect ability after activation and no longer reduces the cooldown timer of the ability while Valkyrie is still active. Instead it will give an extra charge of Resurrect, allowing players to bring two allies back in quick succession. If the extra charge isn’t used while Valkyrie is active, it simply goes away.

Since her rework that went live in August, Mercy has been the staple healing support hero in the game. As Mercy has continued to rise in prominence, the nerfs are designed to bring her back down to the level of the other supports. It’s important to note that she can still fly indefinitely while her ultimate ability is active, and her healing stream and damage boost are still empowered during that time.

Lúcio adjustment is actually a bug fix

The speed boost Lúcio receives after completing a Wall Ride has been increased by 65 percent. This means that he maintains his speed boost a lot longer, and this will counteract a previous bug that slowed the speed on his Wall Ride.

PC players can change their online status

The PC version of Overwatch now allows players to change their status to Online, Away, Busy, or Appear Offline. But players can still be matched with their friends in the game despite their status, so be warned!


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