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Riot Games teases new burst mage champion with “unique abilities that haven’t been seen before”

Riot Games teased a new burst mage champion
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The next League of Legends champion will be a burst mage with unique abilities, Riot Games announced Tuesday in its latest “Champion Roadmap.”

Without giving many details, Riot’s Ryan “Reav3” Mireles said the new mage will approach fights from “interesting angles” with abilities “that haven’t been seen before” in the game. In terms of design, the new champion will be more of a bright a bubbly personality in contrast to some of the darker and more serious champion releases such as Kayn and Ornn.

In addition to the teaser, Reav3 laid out details about other upcoming champion updates. Swain‘s title has been swapped from “master tactician” to “ruthless dictator” with dark magic at his disposal. His image has also been swapped from an armchair general to one in the front lines, capable of killing large groups of enemies. One piece of artwork accompanied the paragraph, which showed Swain from the back, but with his connections to birds still very much intact.

Following Swain’s rework will be Irelia. Reav3 writes that she hasn’t delivered on the fantasy that her design promised, and that he kit has become rather antiquated in comparison to the newer champions. She will get a unique set of abilities tat should give her a firm place in the landscape.

Aatrox is “planned to be our largest pure gameplay update to date.” As the team is still in design iteration, Reav3 couldn’t offer too many details but assured players the final product will deliver on his original design that captivated players upon release.


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