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So what exactly are the criteria to get into the NA LCS?

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

So according to today’s ESPN report, Immortals is out and Echo Fox is in the NA LCS.

So that leads to the question: what is it that you need to get in? As an org, Immortals has everything you’d want from the outside: Great branding, good history, strong fan base, seemingly good financials, and a strong history of good results.

History I don’t think is a clear indicator. Dignitas has more history than Echo Fox. Results aren’t a good indicator; Echo Fox is in. Branding isn’t a good indicator; I’d argue EnVyUs/Immortals is far better than someone like CLG. Fan base isn’t it either as Immortals has a strong fanbase in League of Legends as that was the org’s first game. Being an org with a proven track record of trying to be competitive cannot be it either, as Echo Fox is considered a joke and this was also the org whose sub team was just a bunch of streamers.

Just from the outside, the criteria list doesn’t make sense to me.


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