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Set bonus tweaked in League of Legends PBE for Resolve rune path

The set bonus for the Resolve rune path was tweaked in the League of Legends PBE
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The set bonus for the Resolve primary rune path were tweaked Wednesday in the League of Legends Public Beta Environment, as were some individual runes.

The set bonus with Resolve as the primary path gives players a boost to the player’s health, and it has been increased from 70 to 180. The four other primary rune paths already received their adjustments last week in the PBE.

The new rune system for next season will offer players five paths from which to choose. Players will be able specialize in one path by choosing one of three Keystone Runes in that path, and they’ll choose a secondary path to further augment their play styles. Choosing different rune paths will also net players with unique combination bonuses.

One rune change in the Resolve path

Grasp of the Undying, one of the Keystone runes for the Resolve path, now does more bonus damage based on the maximum health of the player. The heal the player gets by attacking an enemy champion has also been increased to two percent of the player’s maximum health.

Rune changes in the Inspiration path

Biscuit Delivery gives players a biscuit every three minutes until 12 minutes into the game, and now selling the biscuits without eating them now gives the player a permanent mana boost.

Unsealed Spellbook is a Keystone rune that allows players to change their summoner spells in-game. It no longer reduces of the replaced summoner spell’s remaining cooldown by 50 percent, and summoner shards are now only usable near the shop.

Rune changes in the Sorcery path

Arcane Comet now has a 20 percent cooldown reduction when the comet successfully hits an enemy champion.

Gathering Storm had the scaling attack damage bonuses lowered every 10 minutes and now scales from five points to 105 at 60 minutes.


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