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Riot discusses champions that mostly stack specific stats through the old rune system and how the new system will address these concerns

In a new Ask Riot post on Thursday, senior designer of game systems at Riot Games Jo "Fearless" Graylock explained that there is further exploration to do in the new rune system for those champions that rely on a singular stacked stat, which was accessible in the current version of runes.

In a new Ask Riot post on Thursday, senior designer of game systems at Riot Games Jo “Fearless” Graylock said there is further exploration to do in the new rune system for those champions that rely on a singular stacked stat that is accessible in the current version of runes.

In the current version of runes, players can stack bonuses to specific in-game stats, which benefit certain champions to go all-in on a specific offensive or defensive stat boost. As the new rune system does away with flat statistical bonuses in favor of more mechanically-altering effects, some play styles may not be viable anymore from the preseason onwards. Fearless assured players that they’re working on a viable alternative, but that there isn’t a clear-cut answer yet.

“This means that we don’t have silver bullets to fix this problem, and we’ll be using a mix of angles to add options back in,” he wrote. “We’ve been adjusting champion’s (sic) base stats and abilities to accommodate where there are clearly individual problems. We’re exploring ways to add pen back into a handful of spots where it already lives, though this is a recent exploration and not guaranteed to ship. We’ve also shifted around the stats offered by particular Runes, so champions that are really hungry for a particular stat have some access to it in the system, even if they can’t stack it like they used to. Finally, we’re also watching champions most affected by changes, and will making changes as needed throughout preseason.”

As Riot has been touching nearly every champion by giving them added power either in their base stats or the damage numbers on their abilities, there is still plenty of room for improvement. Even after the new runes ship, there will be time for further adjustments based on player feedback on specific champions.

Details on skin rewards for players that invested into Rune pages

For players who spent real life currency to bolster their rune pages in the current system, Riot will be giving them one random champion skin worth 1,350 RP ($10) for every four rune pages purchased with RP. Senior manager Areeb “Bubobubo” Pirani writes that the free skin is guaranteed to be one that the player doesn’t already own on a champion that they have already unlocked. The rune page count also rounds up, so any players that bought one to four rune pages will get one skin, five to eight well get to skins and so on.

How to know what runes your opponents are using

As runes are much more active that just stat boosts, knowing what runes an opponent has taken will be key to win a lane. In order to make sure players know what they’re going up against, the design team is focuses on using well-timed visual and audio queues according to experience designer Julia “Sparkles” Murphey. Examples include Channel-Blink having an icon that replaces Flash’s when it’s on cooldown, and  Unsealed Spellbook sending a global message whenever a summoner spell swap happens.

Preset rune pages

Unlike the current system that gives players the reigns to build and create their own rune and mastery pages, product manager of game system Django UnJaned writes that the new rune system will have preset rune pages that act as good general options that makes sure players go into a game with a full set of runes. The preset pages will reflect the number of rune pages each player has.


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