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AP junglers in League of Legends are getting some attention as the new rune system is coming out

AP junglers like ELise could receive some attention in League of Legends soon
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Ability power junglers in League of Legends could receive some attention in the near future, according to a dev corner post Friday by Andrei “Meddler” van Roon.

“We’re going to take a look at a couple of AP champs from a jungle perspective, see if we can give them a bit of help,” Meddler wrote. “Not sure on timing, given there’s some more critical work (runes stuff mainly) that’s demanding a lot of work right now. Hoping to do some explorations during the next few patches, though. That might mean work on AP champs who already jungle, or at least used to in the past. Could also mean work on AP champs with play patterns that would be fine in the jungle who just haven’t been good enough at clearing historically to do so (e.g. someone like Morg might be a good candidate, Annie given her high reliability when ganking probably not).”

Right now the three most picked junglers are Lee Sin, Jarvan IV, and Ezreal, with AP tank jungler Sejuani fourth — though her listing has more to do with her power as a tank and massive amounts of crowd control. The ability power damage dealing jungler is further down in fifth place with Elise.

Upcoming Zac changes

Speaking of AP junglers, Zac might get some of his power shifted away from his Q to his other abilities. Right now, tested nerfs are giving the Q less range and a shorter break distance while putting the Q on cooldown at the first cast. Buffs to the damage on his W are also being tested.

Adjustments to skin portraits

Riot recently changed the UI so that the champion portrait reflects the skin that is being used in that particular game. Feedback indicates that they seem a bit too zoomed in, creating a jarring experience. About half the portraits have been adjusted so far.


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