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Two new Blitzcrank skins that turn him into a knight are coming to League of Legends

Two new Blitzcrank skins are coming to League of Legends
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Two new Blitzcrank skins that fashion the champion into a knight are coming to League of Legends, according to a developer post Friday by Riot Games’ Adam “Adamunicorn” Kupratis.

“We originally set out to make one Blitzcrank skin, but somewhere along the way, we realized there was a second, complementary skin to the one we were working on,” he wrote. “Rather than putting it on the back burner, we kind of just went for it: Could we create a second skin simultaneously, without adding too much time to development?”

The idea came centered around the most iconic ability in Blitzcrank’s kit, his hook. With a concept of a sci-fi, horror, or fantasy based skin, the art team came up with variations to his hook and settled with the Dark Lancer. As development continued, the concept artist started to move toward the opposite direction for a Light Lancer at the same time.

“Since we were already in the process of creating the Dark Lancer skin, we were able to use what we’d learned so far and apply it to making the Light Lancer skin,” he continued. “There were also just raw technical advantages; with some effort and creativity, we found we could use the same rig and animations for both skins. This freed up some extra time for us to focus on making a new character model, new VFX and SFX, and a new recall animation. Our goal was always for each skin to feel unique, even if they share a theme (and some under-the-hood features).”

The two skins won’t have separate splash artwork, but they will feature the same one that’s divided in the middle with the Dark Lancer on the left and the Light Lancer on the right side. The skins haven’t gone to the Public Beta Environment for testing yet, as bugs for both are being hammered out.


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