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New “asleep” and”drowsy” status effects added to League of Legends PBE

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

New status effects labeled “drowsy” and “asleep” were added Friday to League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment, likely in anticipation of the next new champion to be released.

The spell effect — which seems to be a skill shot in the shape of a bubble — places the target champion in a state of “drowsy” first and then “asleep” after a couple of seconds. Although the exact repercussions of being asleep has not yet been revealed, it appears it will act similarly to being caught in stasis or suppression until the champion is forcefully woken up or the duration ends.

This is likely a followup from a previous Champion Roadmap post last week that teased a new burst mage champion with “unique abilities that haven’t been seen before.” It’s fair to wonder if the new effect, if it is added to the game, will be an effect only inflicted by the new champion.

Although no timeline was given for the new champion, if the new effects are linked to it, there will likely be more details revealed soon.


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