State of fuzz

When you mess up your sleep schedule for 1-2 weeks at a time to watch esports tournaments, there is a strange sort of fuzz that surrounds your thoughts and senses.

October 26, 2017

4 events to watch this week

In general, most esports fans have a primary game they like watching. This weekend, however, has a a bunch of big events going on, so here is a list: EPICENTER (CS:GO): They have the best teams in the world fighting it out (the only team not here is C9). ESL One Hamburg (Dota 2): The first Major […]

October 25, 2017

Not everybody can be the greatest of all time

I don’t know why this is the case, but every time I analyze and rank players/teams as to how strong I see them, someone thinks I am insulting their entire career. They then assume I have some sort of agenda and must have a bias against a particular player. I don’t know why this is […]

October 23, 2017

If you are a pro player, you can come back from most things

I just wanted to point out that pro esports players have a longer leash than most.

October 23, 2017

Toxic is a dumb word with no meaning

I’ve been in esports for a bit now. Long enough to remember when people like Slasher heavily campaigned for the use of eSports instead of esports.

October 16, 2017

The definitive trash tier list

As I use the word trash all the time to denote bad teams, I’ve created this list to differentiate the different levels of trash there are in competition.

October 13, 2017

What’s your agenda?

“What’s your agenda?” is a meme from the FGC.

October 9, 2017

Play to your strengths

In the general theory of being the best team possible, there are generally two schools of thought.

October 5, 2017

The theme of Super Mario World

An article about Super Mario World came up in the Slingshot Discord.

September 28, 2017