MyungSik joins Overwatch

After the dissolution of the five Korean Esports Association StarCraft teams and the Starcraft Proleague, MyungSik announced he was joining Team Heroic as an Overwatch player. This was extremely surprising to me since Overwatch is a team game that requires harmony. And MyungSiK is the most hated man to have ever come out of the Korean scene.

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Taimou, EnVyUs punished for lewd comment

OGN Overwatch Apex has seized Team EnVyUs’ fight money for one game and issued the team a warning after making lewd comments, OGN announced Friday. Timo “Taimou” Kettunen made a controversial comment towards a Korean announcer Wednesday in the chat during the Twitch stream of Apex, typing “I wanna explore that interviewer girl’s thighs.” OGN

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Time is a flat circle

I’ve only been around esports for about five years, and in that time games have risen and died and risen again. Every time a new esport rises the same arguments always keep popping up. This new game is too casual. It doesn’t have enough strategic depth. It’s too complicated. It’s too hardcore. The spectator UI is

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