ELEAGUE announced the talent for the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier

ELEAGUE will use five-person caster rotation for CS:GO Premier tournament

ELEAGUE announced Tuesday the talent lineup for next month’s ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier, which will be a bit of a change compared to usual Counter-Strike tournaments.

August 29, 2017
Smix (Sue Lee) and ELEAGUE's Christina Alejandre were listed among Adweek's 35 most powerful women in sports.

Smix and ELEAGUE’s Christina Alejandre make Adweek’s list of 35 Most Powerful Women in Sports

ELEAGUE vice president/general manager Christina Alejandre and esports community figure Sue “Smix” Lee made Adweek’s list of the 35 most powerful women in sports.

June 26, 2017

Q&A: Smix on balancing schedules, favorite StarCraft moments and how she became a host

Slingshot’s Blake Bottrill has the chance to catch up with veteran host and personality Sue “Smix” Lee during DreamHack Montreal to talk about balancing schedules, her favorite events and how she got to this point in her career.

August 25, 2016