Valve releases Manila Major information

It seems nobody — including Valve — can move on from the Shanghai Major fast enough.

The Dota 2 developer has released information about the next major tournament, taking place in Manila, Philippines, from June 7-12.

Open qualifiers will run April 29-May 2, with the Manila Major Qualifiers taking place May 3-6.

Rosters must be frozen by March 27, which is less than three weeks away. Moving forward, teams will not be able to make roster changes through The International 6, which takes place in August. So teams must make any and all roster changes in three weeks and must stay with them throughout the summer.

Valve also gave loose dates for the qualifying for The International. Regional qualifiers will take place “in the second half of June,” with the main event taking place in August in Seattle.

Releasing info about the next major immediately after one finishes has been common since Valve added three “major” tournaments last year. Still, there’s a sense the company couldn’t get away quick enough from a disastrous week in Shanghai marred by production problems, firing a host and an overall lack of professionalism by just about everyone involved.

On the Shanghai Major, Valve released the following statement:

“While there were amazing performances by all of the teams participating in the Shanghai Major, we recognize that the viewing experience and the overall execution of the event were very disappointing. Dota fans and professional players alike have high expectations for a Major event—expectations that we share—and it is ultimately our responsibility to make sure those expectations are met and exceeded.

“A Dota Major should be a celebration of the amazing community that shepherded the game from humble origins to the global passion it has become. Disappointment should come from the elimination of a favorite team in a hard-fought match, not from the experience of just trying to watch a game you love. With that in mind, we will be increasing our involvement moving forward to ensure that future events deliver a high-quality experience.”

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