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Five outrageous Reddit reactions to CLG beating SKT

In case you haven’t been on Twitter or Reddit yet (or if you just slept really, really late), Counter Logic Gaming beat SK Telecom T1 this morning at the Mid Season Invitational. It was a big upset because of a couple factors: Korea is widely believed to be the best region, SKT is the defending world champion, and North America has had no recent international success.

After the upset, predictably, Reddit went wild. The post-match discussion thread made it to the No. 1 post in r/All within a half hour of match’s end. While a good amount of the post-match discussion is filled with memes and reactions, there were some doozies. Here are five of the most outrageous comments from the post-match thread:

“He’s the most volatile player I’ve seen… the 10/0 or 0/10 type”

This is regarding CLG’s Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes. Obviously over exaggerated, but it still infuriating. Yes,this was probably Stixxay’s best game of his career, but when has he really been a 0/10 (or close to it) player? This game, he and Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black didn’t dominate the lane as much as they should have, as Lucian/Janna has a giant advantage over Ezreal/Braum early on. But instead of Bae “Bang” Jun-sik getting any flak for picking Ezreal, a champion that is a weak laner and takes time to get going, people always look to criticize NA players. If anything, Stixxay has improved greatly over the season, and this game he showed that he didn’t have any reservations going against the likes of SKT.

“People are sleeping on the real upset here: Nidalee beat Kindred.”

First off, since when is Nidalee/Kindred a huge mismatch? Both are top tier jungling champions. It was obvious that CLG expected the Kindred pick, as Kindred is possibly the most contested pick in the meta for this patch. The coaching staff had a plan: Janna is strong against Ekko, the champ SKT was likely to pick for Duke. Put Darshan on Poppy, the champ he seems most comfortable playing on this patch. Get Azir for Huhi, because Azir is simply the best mid laner. With a winning matchup bottom lane, and a high wave clear mid, Nidalee is a good pick due to her pushing power. Blank made many mistakes throughout the game, like the misuse of Lamb’s Respite, to secure Baron, and overall just bad usage of Lamb’s Respite the whole game.

“Wrong skill at level 6.

Not securing baron.

Bang doing weird stuff.

Wat da fak”

Here’s a post talking about SKT. First off, this is a prime example why best-of-ones are terrible for competitive play, but whatever. Faker probably just hit the wrong button when he hit Level 6, which is uncharacteristic of the the best player in the world. But to even think that Faker played bad whatsoever is wrong. Faker played well and was trying his hardest to play Leblanc at his full potential. Then we have Bang. There was a play that stood out in my mind when he Arcane Shifted forward to kill Huhi, and almost did. It was just a small miscalculation. This goes back to my first statement: Best-of-ones are a joke.

“Stixxay MVP!

Naw man that MVP aphro. Every single distortion was met with a tornado.”

Stixxay played perhaps his best game of his career. He wasn’t afraid to go aggressive and use his dash aggressively. He took out multiple champs on the other team before dying, and to do this with Leblanc — Faker’s Leblanc — on the other team as a low range ADC is quite impressive. It’s sad how hard people try to give Aphro, a established player, all the credit, and not the rookie. Not saying that Aphro didn’t play well, but nothing really stood out quite like Stixxay’s performance

It’d be like if Kentucky beat The Golden State Warriors in overtime

This poster either has a big misconception of skill gap between NCAA basketball and the NBA, or a big misconception of skill gap between NA and Korea. Not really much else to say. It’s baffling that this was so highly upvoted (815 points as of 3:30 p.m. Eastern). It just shows Reddit’s bias toward North America at all times — even after a win against the top Korean team.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games.


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