RNG’s Mata: Because I am a part of the team, we will be different from any existing LPL team.

After losing to SK Telecom T1 in the semifinals of the Mid-Season Invitational this morning, Royal Never Give Up support Cho “Mata” Sae-Hyung took to social media.

Mata wrote on his Facebook profile that he was disappointed about not making it to the finals of MSI, and said he “learned a lot during this year’s MSI which also had a lot of fan support and interest.”

“Initially the goal was to not drop right away, but we got very lucky and was able to have great results,” he wrote. “I am more aware than anyone of RNG’s circumstances, so I tried not to get overly confident.”

He also emphasized that RNG is still a “learning team,” and getting to semis was still a very meaningful and important outcome.

Mata continued to write that Because I am a part of the team, we will be different from any existing LPL team and promised fans that they will show even better results during the League of Legends World Championships this year, also noting that what they need right now are the fans’ encouragement, rather than belittlement.

After transferring to RNG in 2016, Mata led RNG to become LPL champions of the spring split, and had an impressive MSI record.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

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