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Piglet: “I still think I’m the best ADC, and when playing against LCK ADCs, I don’t fall behind.”

Coming off a fourth place finish in the spring split of the League of Legends Championship Series, Team Liquid’s Chae “Piglet” Gwang-Jin’s confidence remains high.

With Team Liquid amid a boot camp in his native Korea, Piglet told Kim In-Tae of the Korean news site Fomos that he still sees himself as the top AD Carry in the region.

“Even now, I still think I’m the best ADC, and when playing against LCK ADCs, I don’t fall behind,” Piglet told Fomos. “I still have great confidence and pride in my skills, so I’m doing quite well.”

Team Liquid finished fourth in the LCS spring split after overhauling its lineup one week into the split, inserting Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett and Matthew “Matt” Elento into the starting lineup. Liquid was fourth entering the playoffs with a 10-8 record, and remained there after losing a third place match to Immortals.

In the same interview, Piglet said the team has scrimmed well (and taken a surprising like to Korean food), and is eager for the summer split to begin.

“Our bottom lane consistently wins in scrims, and my teammates are also practicing hard to better their skills,” Piglet told Fomos. “Based on my experience with LCK teams, I still think I’m the best of the bunch.”

Piglet, whose career began alongside Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok on Korean powerhouse SK Telecom T1, still has a large following in his native country. His move to North America hasn’t dampened the fan base, as he thanked the people who have followed him after his career moved to the other side of the world.

“I’m still very thankful to the fans who still remember me,” Piglet told Fomos. “And it’ll be great if the next interview would be after winning (the NA LCS).”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games.


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