SBENU signs new support

SBENU Sonicboom has announced the signing of new support Son “Lehends” See-Woo, writes Fomos’ Son Chang-Sik.

The signing of Lehends is turning heads in particular because of his status as one of the members of the “heaven.” Taken from one of the 10 realms of the Buddhist faith, in the League of Legends community in Korea, “heaven” is dedicated to the highest elo players in solo queue. It’s rumored that because of Lehends’ status, SBENU has tried to sign him since last season.

Head coach Park Jae-Suk told Fomos that he expects Lehends to work well with jungler Sung “Flawless” Yun-Jun because they are both the same age (17).

SBENU is also in the process of getting used to all of its new talent while Oh “Sasin” Seung-Joo transitioning to a coaching role. SBENU has recently signed Lee “Rem” Hyun-Suh in mid and Jin “Firetrap” Jae-Seung at top, competing with Suh “Soul” Hyun-Suk.

The head coach lastly shared that he has “very high expectations” with Lehends and Flawless in particular, and promised fans that they will make it back to League Champions Korea. SBENU will compete in Challengers Korea after being relegated in the spring split.


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