OGN casters give LCK summer predictions

With League of Legends Champions Korea (and its new six day per week schedule) beginning Wednesday, the OGN casters offered some predictions for the summer split.

OGN casters talked with Daily eSports’ Nam Yun-Seong, and caster Kim Dong-Jun said it’ll be difficult to rank the teams in a top-middle-low tier standard, and adopted Riot Games’ own system of ranking pro teams. His rankings were as follows:

S tier

SK Telecom T1

ROX Tigers

A tier

Afreeca Freecs

KT Rolster

B tier

Jin Air Green Wings

Samsung Galaxy


Longzhu Gaming

C tier


He argued that although SKT does show some fatigue, they will be right back up after some games, and the lack of member changes means they will continue to show the same dominant team work.

He also chose the Freecs as a team of note, seeing as how they placed fifth in the spring split and now with more stable management, they can only go up. For an X-factor he chose ESC Ever that has won a KeSPA cup and IEM Cologne. With some wins, he says they will be able to make it to the postseason.

Another caster, Lee Hyun-Woo, actually gave up making predictions at all, saying that basing summer success on spring split records is too hasty. Unlike the spring season that had some teams hitting the ground running while others dropping down in the early stages, he expects the summer split to be hectic, with lines between first and 10th place becoming blurred.

Caster Lee chose Longzhu Gaming, CJ Entus, Afreeca Freecs, ESC Ever, and MVP as teams of note, focusing on Longzhu in particular. Lee said that with Longzhu’s underperforming double squad now gone with three removals, he sees an elite team in the ashes.

Regarding CJ Entus, he commented that the replacement of support Park “Bubbling” Jun-Hyung with Kang “Haru” Min-Seung was an improvement, and if the attention that was focused solely on the bottom lane becomes more spread out, CJ will perform well.

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