SSG’s Ambition: “Our recent scrims weren’t that great. I think I lost about 20 games in a row.”

Kang “Ambition” Chan-Yeong was a player of note in Samsung Galaxy’s 2-0 win Thursday against the ROX Tigers.

Using Nidalee in the jungle both times, Ambition was able to dominate the objectives throughout the map and pressure the ROX Tigers successfully.

“I was nervous facing ROX Tigers in our first game of the season,” Ambition told Daily eSports in a 1-on-1 interview. “Even if we did win, I expected it to be a very difficult victory, but we unexpectedly had easy wins.”

Ambition also had some troubles returning to the League Champion Korea summer split and he told Daily eSports that his practice was a very grueling process up until very recently.

“I spent most of my efforts in getting back into the game and in scrims,” he said. “But our recent scrims weren’t that great. I think I lost about 20 games in a row. However, I was able to recover my play from about two days ago, and I have found my confidence again, which helped us in our games today.”

When asked how he managed to continue to grow as a player, Ambition said that he focuses on time consumption.

“My mottos is not to waste a single second in games,” he said. “As long as I don’t intervene in fights more than the other jungler, there’s no reason I can’t grow faster. I’m trying to make a difference by snowballing myself as much as I can.”

Finally he commented that he “has an idea” on where his team might stand, and confidently said that Samsung will “make it to the postseason.”

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