ESC Ever’s LoKeN suspended for 30 days from personal account; can play in LCK

ESC Ever’s AD Carry Lee “LoKeN” Dong-Wook was penalized Friday by Riot Games for using accounts that weren’t his, writes Daily eSports’ Lee Si-Woo.

Riot announced that LoKeN will be suspended from the game for 30 days. With cooperation from the Korea eSports Association, Riot was able to identify LoKeN using other accounts, including ones using his parents’ information through game play records and testimony.

The investigation revealed that he didn’t take part in illegal account boosting or selling, though.

Through the Justice Committee of Korea, Riot also ordered 20 hours of community service to LoKeN. If the community service doesn’t take place in a span of three months, until Aug. 27, Riot warned of additional penalties.

This penalty will not have any impact on LoKeN’s ability to play his League Champions Korea summer split, though, and will only affect his personal play. It’s unclear how that affects practice and scrims in between games.

Ever’s head coach Kim Ga-Ram told Fomos in an official statement that since Riot did not order a suspension of LCK play, LoKeN is expected to play in their next game.

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