Jin Air coach: “In order to be a team that can manage games like ROX Tigers or SKT T1, we need more effort.”

The Summer of 2-0s came to a close in the second week of the LCK summer split with Jin Air Green Wings going over ESC Ever in the season’s first 2-1 victory. Jin Air’s head coach Han San-Yong’s faith in the bot lane has been rewarded with this second victory, and Han didn’t waste any time praising his players, writes OSEN’s Ko Yong-Jun.

“We expected ESC’s style of play before we started,” Han told OSEN after the games. “That’s why we played a picture perfect game in the first set. Regrettably in the second set, we had a situation with Park “Winged” Tae-Jin’s misplays. That situation tends to have a lasting negative impact on the player, but he came back and led us to victory in set 3.”

With Jin Air’s tendency to drag games out still on the mind of the head coach, as even with the two successive victories, Han is still reserving complete confidence.

“It’s still hard to say we completely changed,” he said. “In order to be a team that can manage games in a speedy manner like ROX Tigers or SKT T1, we need more effort. Despite all that, I want to thank the players for keeping up with me.”

Finally he mentioned that Jin Air’s bot lane came to him and asked “if they did well,” and Head coach Han told OSEN that all the players, including the bot duo really stepped up today.

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