SSG’s Ambition: “I intend to show (MVP) the gap between the pros and where they came from.”

Samsung Galaxy became the first League Champions Korea team to reach two wins after defeating Afreeca Freecs 2-0 on Monday, putting them on the top of the league in the early part of the summer split. Samsung’s jungler Kang “Ambition” Chan-Yong showed some shaky moments in the early parts but pulled back to come away with the victories, writes Daily eSports’ Lee Si-Woo.

Ambition said he was happy to win twice without dropping a single set, and commented on the past season’s similarly strong start but weak finish.

“If we can win the games for next week as well, everything should come together after we can win four games in a row,” he told Daily eSports.

Samsung’s new ADC Park “Ruler” Jae-Hyuk is also proving himself among the other players with these two victories, and Ambition seemed to be impressed.

“We got to sign him on because we saw potential in him,” he said. “He’s adjusting to the differences between the pro and amateur leagues, but he is developing incredibly fast.”

With Samsung now geared to face MVP, a challenger team that lost to KT Rolster, Ambition had very confident words for the up-and-coming rookie team.

“MVP is a team that got promoted from the secondary league, so I intend to show them the gap between the pros and where they came from,” he said. “In order to do so, we will prepare to the utmost of our abilities.”

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