ROX Tigers’ Cry: “I’m preparing some champions that go against the current meta.”

After ROX Tigers’ 2-1 win against rookie team MVP, the Tigers’ mid laner Hae “Cry” Seong-Min revealed he had secret picks he has yet to play.

“I’m preparing some champions that go against the current meta,” he said in an interview with Inven. “Right now Varus, Azir, and Victor are dominating the mid lane picks, so I am preparing a lot of champions that are very different from them. I don’t know when exactly I’ll pull them out, as they are still in development.”

Although the Tigers dropped the second set to MVP, Cry still showed an impressive debut series on Azir and Varus, champions on which that the starting mid laner Lee “Kuro” Seo-Haeng is also strong.

“I think it’s a good thing I came to the ROX Tigers,” he told Inven. “I didn’t ask the head coach (if I’m doing better than Kuro) but I think I am the better Azir.”

He also said that overall he couldn’t judge the skills of both himself and Kuro as he is still new, but he did say that the two are “very similar.”

He finally said that he is determined to win the League Champions Korea summer split and perhaps even the world championships.

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