Ruler: Samsung aiming for second or third place

Samsung Galaxy continues to lead League Champions Korea after its third win to begin the summer split, a 2-0 defeat of rookie team MVP. The first set had MVP on top for the majority of the game until a game-changing Baron steal. It must be said, however, that Samsung’s bottom lane held its own against a very tough game, with ADC Park “Ruler” Jae-Hyuk giving the opponents no kills.

In a post-match interview, casters Kim Dong-Jun and Lee “Cloudtemplar” Hyun-Woo praised Ruler for his performance, mentioning his title as a “super rookie” in Korea, and if his play is being affected by the plays of his more veteran teammates.

“The other players are so reliable to play with, which means I can play well,” he said in the interview. “I think I practice over 10 hours a day. I also play a lot of solo queue games, but so does everyone else.”

Ruler also showed the most impressive Ashe game in the second set with his positioning and ult usage. Ruler also verbalized his confidence in his Ashe play in the interview.

“I play Ashe a lot, so I’m very confident with her,” he said. “Except maybe one or two champions, I’m confident in all the ADC picks right now. I consider myself a master at Vayne.”

Finally Ruler said that Samsung will ride this momentum to continue to be on top, but also said that “it’s too presumptive of me to say that (Samsung) will be first as a new player,” and that he will aim for second or third place instead.

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