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Longzhu’s Frozen explains his absence from the team

There has been rampant speculation regarding Longzhu Gaming’s mid laner Kim “Frozen” Tae-Il, as his name was removed from the roster list of League Champions Korea’s summer split. Frozen has finally broken the silence on Facebook, and says that he’s currently on “personal leave.”

Frozen was one of Longzhu’s most popular players, and the silence surrounding his absence created a rift between the team and its fans.

Below is the English translation of Frozen’s Facebook post.

“Hello, this is Longzhu Gaming’s mid laner Frozen.

Although I am not that fond of writing, I feel like I should write something down.

As of late many people are curious about my involvement with team, and I’ve been noticing that are tall tales and things that could be easily misunderstood.

As of right now, I am still a member of Longzhu, and am temporarily back home due to personal and health reasons. Against the advice of the team’s coaching staff I personally decided that I needed some time off, and strongly made my case to them. Right now I am in no shape to compete and haven’t been working with my teammates for some time. On certain community sites, I often see people mentioning me in conjunction with the rest of the team and the head coach, fiercely criticising them, but everyone is working hard towards victory everyday. Please share more supportive words for the team and coaching staff who are working harder than anyone else, instead of harsh ones.

3 line summary

  1. I asked for time off despite the coaching staff’s advice.
  2. The team and the head coach are all still developing and working hard without sleep.
  3. Please support our team.

-Since the games aren’t going into our favor, please help us get back up.

We need motivation! I post this with hopes of encouragement. Longzhu Fighting.”

Below is the Facebook post of Frozen, which was initially shared with only his friends.

안녕하세요.Longzhu Gaming소속 미드라이너 Frozen입니다.

제가 글쓰는걸 그렇게 좋아하는편이 아니지만 끄적여봅니다.

최근에 로스터에서 빠진 후 제 근황을 궁금해하시는분들 많은데요,

허황된 얘기들이나 충분히 오해할만한 이야기가 많더군요,

일단 저는 지금 Longzhu Gaming소속이고, 잠시 건강문제와 개인적인 사정으로 본가에 내려와있는 상태입니다. 감독님과 코치진의 만류에도 불구하고 제 스스로 휴식할시간이 필요하다 판단해서 강경하게 제 뜻을 표현했습니다.제가 지금당장은 경기뛰기에는 충분한 준비가 되어있지않았고 연습과 단체생활에 집중하지못했습니다. 모 커뮤니티 사이트에 저희팀 경기후 저를 언급하면서 저희 팀원들과 감독님 코치진을 깎아내리는 글들과 댓글들이 올라오는것을 심심찮게 볼수있는데요,저희 팀원들과 코치진 그리고 감독님 항상 승리를위해 노력하고있습니다.누구보다 노력 많이하고있는 저희팀원들과 감독코치진에게 악의적인말보다는 응원과 격려의 말 부탁드립니다.


1.코치진의 만류에도 불구하고 본인스스로 휴식을 갈구함.

2.팀원들과 감독코치진 모두발전적이고 승리를 위해 잠도못자고 일함.

3.저희팀 응원과 격려 부탁드려요.

-요즘 게임이 잘안풀려서그런데 다시 일어설수있게 도와주세요.

동기부여가 필요합니다! 큰 맘 먹고 게시합니다.롱주 화이팅


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