Madlife after dropping Game 1 to Longzhu: “I lost my mind along with the Nexus.”

CJ Entus emerged from its slump with their 2-1 comeback victory against Longzhu Gaming on Tuesday. Support Hong “Madlife” Min-Gi said that he was pushed to his very limits, writes Fomos’ Choi Min-Suk.

“I lost my mind along with the Nexus (at the end of Game 1),” he told Fomos. “We had longer range so we should have kited them while keeping Longzhu at bay, but due to bad communication, it was very tough. We talked a lot with the coaching staff afterwards and adjusted our bans and picks. It seemed that Longzhu preferred high sustain champions like Vladimir, so wanted a more play-making team comp. We could have won the first set from behind, but I told everyone that we can win the next game.”

On the topic of their long losing streak, Madlife attributed much of it to a lack of experience to CJ’s new players.

As one of CJ’s best veterans, Madlife has been the shot caller for the team for some time, though he seems to want to shift that role to the whole team going forward.

“During the spring split I told the team everything from 1 to 10, so I’m telling the team to be more involved with the shot-calling, but it’s not really working out yet,” he said. “They still listen to me, though.”

However, that didn’t mean that Madlife was used to dealing with continued losses.

“I wasn’t used to many losses in a row, so it was tough on me as well. With the new jungler (Kang “Haru” Min-Seung), he started to wonder if his play was the reason behind the losses. I was able to give him a strong foundation for growth.”

CJ also had many new players that they have signed this split, and Madlife also had more advice to the new blood.

“If (Gwak “Bdd” Bo-Seong) could apply his skills in solo queue, I think he could do much better, but he’s rather slow at learning. Haru is also very good in terms of his individual skill. If he would develop his team play, it would be perfect.”

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