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ROX Tigers’ Kuro: “I’m not particularly nervous about Azir. I know exactly what to do against him.”

ROX tigers mid laner Lindarang left Thursday's LCK match because of an apparent illness.
ROX tigers mid laner Lindarang left Thursday's League Champions Korea (LCK) match because of an apparent illness.

The ROX Tigers took a step in the right direction with a 2-1 win against KT Rolster on Wednesday as they attempt to keep pace with Samsung Galaxy and SK Telecom T1 in the League Champions Korea standings. Lee “Kuro” Seo-Haeng showed renewed confidence in his team, writes Fomos’ Son Chang-Sik.

“A lot of people are saying that we got weaker than before, but with this victory, I think we can regain our momentum,” he told Fomos.

The Tigers have also been switching their mid laners between Kuro and Hae “Cry” Seong-Min due to some chronic weakness of facing Azir, but Kuro said he is more than comfortable regarding Azir.

“I’m not particularly nervous about Azir, which people think is my weakness,” he said. “I know exactly what to do against him. I have no negative feelings about working with Cry at all. If anything, he is a great motivator for me to become a better player.”

Kuro also addressed some fan concerns about their comparatively weaker start, saying that the rougher beginning isn’t a concern him or the team.

“We are always more experimental in the beginning stages that can lead to bad starts,” he said. “We’re not letting it get to us, and I am confident that we can show the fans better games in the future.”

In regards to Kuro’s play on Aurelion Sol, Kuro mentions that he hasn’t given up on the celestial dragon just yet.

“He’s still definitely viable,” he said. “I think it didn’t do well because of a more experimental team comp.”

He concluded the interview by saying that “each loss only makes us stronger,” and that they will rest up for their next match against CJ Entus.


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