SSG’s Wraith wary of looming match against SKT

Samsung Galaxy’s 2-0 win against Jin Air Green Wings on Wednesday made SSG the first League Champions Korea team to reach four wins. Kwon “Wraith” Ji-Min showed solid games as Braum and shared his feelings after finally reaching the top of the LCK, writes Daily eSports’ Lee Yoon-Ji.

“Before the season began, I didn’t know we would do so well,” he told Daily eSports. “Since Jin Air plays the game just like we do, so I thought the game would be decided by the team with better skill. With his 2-0 victory against them, I finally feel like Samsung catapulted itself to the upper card teams. It was a meaningful victory in that way.”

Even though Samsung won without dropping a single set, both sets looked like Samsung came from behind.

“We tend to favor late game comps during the ban-pick phase,” Wraith said. “We don’t like compositions that fall off in the late game. So we played the game with a more long-term view of knowing that we’ll win in the later stages so we take what we can and give up what we don’t need.”

When asked what support champion is the best in the current meta, Wraith surprisingly said that such a champion doesn’t exist.

“A support’s effectiveness depends on what the rest of the team needs,” he said. “Each scenario has a right support for the job.”

With their next opponent being the also undefeated SK Telecom T1 in a game that will decide which team will be No. 1, Wraith admitted some concerns.

“It’s always scary to face SKT,” he said. “Especially because they always are impressive regardless of competition or scrims. That being said, we have immense momentum on our side, so I think there’s a good chance of us winning. I want to work hard to win.”

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