MVP’s Ian on playing Faker: “I feel like I’ll lose against him regardless of what I do.”

MVP defeated fellow rookie team ESC Ever with a 2-0 win Friday, ending a three match losing streak. MVP’s mid laner An “Ian” Jun-Hyeong said his experience against Ever was crucial to the victory, writes Inven’s Im Hye-Seong.

“(Ever) has Eun “Totoro” Jeong-Sup and Kim “Key” Han-Gi as supports,” he told Inven. “But (Jeong “Max” Jong-Bin) has a better record against Totoro while being about even against Key. It also helped that we knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses very well. Although I made some mistakes, I’m satisfied with the damage I put out.”

Ian was still quite critical of himself, though, pointing out his weak landing phase.

“I’d give myself a 5 out of 10,” he said. “In the early landing phase I made a lot of mistakes and fell behind. Thanks to my teammates they carried me to the mid-late game. Anyone could have made the plays I did today.”

MVP’s strength lies in its teamwork, and the team showed an impressive chain of crowd control against Ever. Ian said those decisions begin before the minions spawn.

“We make a frame of the team before the game starts,” he said. “For example we there is an Ashe and Varus, Ashe will initiate from afar and Varus will initiate from up close. If we can see an opening we go for it. I think all of this comes from making that frame in the beginning.”

MVP will be facing off against SK Telecom T1 next, and Ian didn’t doubt SKT’s ability to perform, especially Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok.

“I feel like I’ll lose against him regardless of what I do,” he said. “So I think I’ll pull out an unexpected pick that’s not Yasuo.”

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