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Ruler on LCK break: “I am still a student, so I had to take tests. I tried really hard but I was so sleepy and ended up sleeping through the written questions.”

Samsung Galaxy defeated rookie team ESC Ever in a clean 2-0 win Wednesday, placing them in a solid third place of League Champions Korea’s summer split. Samsung’s mid laner Lee “Crown” Min-Ho was awarded with MVP points for his performance as Viktor, alongside AD Carry Park “Ruler” Jae-Hyuk, who showed clean plays on Sivir. In a post-match interview with casters Kim Dong-Jun and Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-Woo, Ruler shared what he had to balance with work during the break between the first and second round.

“I did go on vacation,” he said. “But I am still a student, so I had to take tests during that time. I tried really hard but I was so sleepy and ended up sleeping through the written questions.”

CloudTemplar inquired about Samsung’s draft, pointing out that Samsung tends to put a high priority on Sivir. Ruler said it was all about strong champions.

“Sivir is a top tier pick who scales well into the late game while simply farming,” Ruler said. “My win rates with her are pretty good, and I even feel like I can win losing games when I play as her. I think it’s important to take her as a priority pick.”

Caster Kim Dong-Jun expanded upon the question of picks and bans and asked about the philosophy of Samsung’s team composition, which tends to favor S-Tier champions. Crown gave an answer that was similar to Ruler’s.

“Top-tier champions are at the top for a reason,” Crown said. “If the player can play those champions 100% perfectly, they almost can’t lose. It feels like when we play those champions, we can just play it out and win. Every now and again, we do need out of meta picks, but those are more composition reliant.”

The casters also asked about playing a competitive game after the long break, wanting to know what led to their victory. Crown playfully answered that question by raising his hand and saying, “I think the reason is right here,” which was met with cheers.

The interview concluded with Crown thanking the fans for their support, and promised that the team will work hard to prevent a “Round 2 losing streak like (they) had in the spring split.”


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