CJ Entus coach apologizes for Teemo pick

Thursday’s League Champions Korea match between CJ Entus and Longzhu Gaming contained one of the most peculiar moments of the entire summer split.

In Game 2, a CJ locked in Teemo during the pick and ban phase. Obviously a mistake, the entire match was put on hold as CJ requested the game be restarted with new picks. The referee of League Champions Korea did grant a game restart but CJ was stuck with the Teemo. CJ ultimately lost 2-0 to Longzhu, and after the match CJ’s head coach Park Jeong-Suk apologized to the fans, writes Fomos’ Choi Min-Sook.

“This was a clear mistake,” he told Fomos. “(Ha “Kramer” Jong-Hoon) was incredibly sorry. I should have been more firm while I was behind them but I wasn’t able to. I am also largely responsible for this incident.”

Although the OGN casters tried to explain the strengths of having a Teemo in top lane, such as potential lane dominance and clever use of Noxious Traps, the yordle scout is still considered a bad pick in professional play. Teemo lacks any form of crowd control or meaningful team fight contributions, and his advantages in lane tend to disappear in the mid to late game. In the current play style of many LCK pro teams that prioritize objective control and careful team fighting, Teemo has little to no place in Korea’s pro scene.

Head coach Park continued to say that CJ was “impatient to win a game,” and said that they will continue to work towards future victories.

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