Ikssu talks Teemo and other picks after Freecs win

The Afreeca Freecs rose fifth place in League Champions Korea on Friday after defeating MVP in a clean 2-0 sweep. By showcasing their fight-centric play style, they were able to pull out two victories after an initial hiccup in game 1. Afreeca’s top laner Jeon “ikssu” Ik-Su showcased a solid Shen and a surprising Poppy, and he revealed that Afreeca’s tendency is, when in doubt, to fight, writes Inven’s Kim Hong-Jae.

“I think we always fight even in 4-v-5s or 3-v-5s as long as we can use our skills well,” he told Inven. When asked how Afreeca will face the stronger teams, he said that he thinks that “the battle instinct is a passive of Afreeca.”

With Teemo making his second appearance in League Champions Korea in the past two days, ikssu said he had a long time relationship with the yordle scout.

“Before he popped up in professional play, I’ve been looking at Teemos with a Frozen Mallet and Runaan’s Hurricane,” he said. “The feedback in general is pretty positive too. I played a lot of Teemo before. I had a period of time when I was lost in animal champions, to the point that my most played champion was Teemo.”

Another pick that ikssu commented on was the continued Hecarim bans towards him. Ikssu himself is baffled by this trend, saying that “it’s strange that the win rate is so good with Hecarim.” He continues to say that he doesn’t pay him often, “but somehow always works out well.”

With Afreeca gearing up to face CJ Entus next, ikssu said that he would love to fight it out with CJ’s top lane.

“Either me or (Heo “Lindarang” Man-Heung) will be playing against CJ, but if I get today, I promise to pull out a victory,” he said. “I also think that (Park “Shy” Sang-Myeon) is better at laning than I thought, so it’ll be a fun fight.”

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