Afreeca Freecs wins again, remains confident they can knock off SKT

The Afreeca Freecs continued their march toward the playoffs with a 2-1 victory Wednesday against CJ Entus, sending CJ closer to the threat of relegation. In a live phone interview after the game with casters Jeong Yong-Jun, Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-Woo, and Kim Dong-Jun, the Freecs’ coach Jeong Jae-Seung addressed some of the concerns regarding Afreeca’s up and down performances.

“From the perspective of the coaching staff, I do agree to some extent (that we are inconsistent),” he said. “We’re working to fix that problem. I think our standings and chances at worlds will change depending on how we address that problem.”

Caster Kim Dong-Jun asked more in detail about the rather inconsistent performance of mid laner Son “Mickey” Yeong-Min, who carries hard during some games, while in others he plays the game with little to no impact. Coach Jeong had similar things to say about Mickey as he did with the team as a whole.

“There’s an old saying from the casting desk that a player who knows how to throw a game has the potential to be a great player,” he said. “We also think that Mickey can be an even better player if he can fix those mistakes he makes. He does need some guidance regarding his performance, but we don’t want to interfere with his growth. I believe that the difference will be made on how the coaching staff can change his mentality and give him proper feedback.”

CloudTemplar mentioned Afreeca’s penchant for team fighting and the constant wave of engagements throughout the game. When asked if the Freecs to specific forms of preparation for this type of game play, the coach said that’s where he comes in.

“I try to bring out their fighting spirit as much as I can from a supporting position,” he said. “At the very start, I mentioned to them that communication is key to the team fights, and I tried to ensure that such conversations come from the players themselves.”

Finally, the Afreeca Freecs will be facing SK Telecom T1 next. With the reputation of their coach as “the man who took down SKT the most number of times,” the coach said that although SKT “looks like they are in top form,” but still remains confident that they “can give SKT a run for their money.”

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