MVP’s Ian looks ahead to slim playoff hopes with approaching ROX Tigers, Samsung games

MVP is still in the running to make it to League Champions Korea’s playoffs with a 2-0 victory over the Jin Air Green Wings on Thursday. In both games, MVP’s mid laner Ahn “Ian” Jun-Hyeong dealt massive amounts of damage, and Ian told Inven’s Shin Dong-Geun the one-sided victory was a result of good picks and bans

“I thought that if we were allowed our prepared compositions, we would win,” he told Inven. “Since we got away with our compositions twice, it became an easy victory.”

With MVP’s next two games coming against the front runner ROX Tigers and a revitalized Samsung Galaxy, the rookie team is looking at two big hurdles to make it to the playoffs, but Ian said there are still some aces up MVP’s sleeves.

“They’re both very strong teams so I expect the games to be very tough, but we’re planning to prepare a lot of different compositions to throw a counter punch,” he said. “With more practice, the strategies we’re working on should be effective.”

That being said, Ian wasn’t all that optimistic on his chances to win both games, saying that the chances are “below 50 percent” to win both, but did add that with the “different picks” they have in mind, it’s still too early to call the games.

He ended the interview by saying that he’d like to play Ahri in a competitive game, and as the champion that Ian is known for, picking Ahri would be just as rewarding to MVP’s fans.

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