Samsung Galaxy and KT Rolster set to battle for third place in LCK

Samsung Galaxy managed to defeat Afreeca Freecs on Monday with a 2-1 victory. With their next and last game against KT Rolster, the two teams will battle it out for third place of League Champions Korea’s summer split. In a live phone interview with OGN casters Kim “Dangun” Eui-Joong, Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-Woo, and Kim Dong-Jun, Samsung’s head coach Choi Woo-Bum elaborated on the health conditions Samsung’s players worked through.

“We are very happy to win even though we had some players feeling sick,” he said. “The team seems to be having some cold symptoms and I think I do as well.”

Samsung made some interesting picks, such as the Maokai top lane and the Nami support. This might have seemed surprising, but the head coach made it clear that nothing was a surprise.

“We make (those) champion picks because we prepared them through practice,” he said. “None of today’s picks were improvised. All of them were practiced and ready.”

With Samsung definitely making the playoffs, the final match will be a fight of pride between two tier top teams in the LCK and the head coach wants to make sure that the team will be in top shape going into their last game on Saturday.

“We still have one game that might determine third place so I think we’ll be practicing a lot in preparation,” he said. “We’ll also give the players a day of break so they can heal up and feel better. As a head coach I am always thankful to the players who always give it their all, especially because I’m not good at giving compliments.”

Head coach Choi ended the interview by again thanking the players for “keeping up with such a tough practice schedule” for the entire season, and hopes that they “end with good results and enjoy a very long vacation,” although if Samsung makes it to worlds, he added that maybe the players will “ be happy to not have a vacation.”

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