Dancing mishap doesn’t derail first place ROX Tigers

The ROX Tigers are now only one win away from automatically going to the finals of League Champion Korea’s summer split with a victory over the rookie team MVP on Wednesday.

ROX’s jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-Ho, however, said that his jungling wasn’t as smooth as before in a live post-match interview with SpoTV.

“Both games today I had a rough early game in the jungle,” he said. “I’ve never had this happen in a competitive game yet so I it was a hard game.”

There was an interesting moment when MVP made a bold move to invade Peanut’s jungle and nearly scored first blood off of Peanut. Peanut said that it wasn’t that he didn’t pay attention to the invade, but there was an unexpected distraction.

“We were on the lookout, but then suddenly (Song “Smeb” Kyeong-Ho) started dancing with his champion and told us to watch him and get rid of the nerves,” he said. “So we knew what was happening but it resulted in a bad way.”

Another object of interest was MVP’s choice of Ahri in the mid lane, a champion that MVP’s mid laner Ahn “Ian” Jun-Hyeong said that he wanted to play before. But Peanut said the intended surprise pick wasn’t really that much of a surprise.

“We liked the Ahri pick because she’s very easy to kill,” he said. When asked about Ahri’s early game lead as she went 3-0, he replied that he “should have been there to shut her down,” but was unable to due to his rough jungle start.

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