Crown on playing KT Rolster again: “I want to win and take our revenge on them.”

Samsung Galaxy gets another shot at KT Rolster in the League Champions Korea after defeating the Afreeca Freecs in a decisive 2-0 sweep on Monday. Samsung’s mid laner Lee “Crown” Min-Ho said he hopes he feels better than he did against Afreeca,writes Daily eSports’ Lee Yun-Ji.

“Yesterday I thought we would have no problems winning, but I wasn’t feeling great when I got to the arena,” he told Daily eSports. “I couldn’t sleep last night due to a bad circumstance. I woke up feeling nauseous and dizzy.”

Despite his condition, Crown’s eyes weren’t looking at his opposing laner from Afreeca, but was looking straight through him, at Samsung’s next game against KT.

“I only thought about our next match against KT,” he said. “The drafting today was based off on past picks and matchups against Afreeca. I fell behind in the lane, but otherwise I think it was fine.”

Fans of Samsung and KT alike will have something to look forward to in their upcoming match in the gauntlet, as Crown revealed that they might have something special up their sleeve against KT.

“In the past we have lost every single game against KT,” he said. “With the new patch, laning will be more important which will make the KT match very different from what we’ve seen. We’re preparing many things so I think it’ll be a fun match. I want to win and take our revenge on them.”

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