Score on SKT: “I am certain they are working twice as hard to cover their mistakes.”

KT Rolster’s Ko “Score” Dong-Bin had a large impact in Wednesday’s 3-0 League Champions Korea playoff gauntlet win against Samsung Galaxy.

Score had immense pressure over the entire rift, making key rotations and decisions at exactly the right moments. The early games were going in Samsung’s favor, but Score told Inven’s Kim Byung-Ho that he wasn’t worried one bit.

“I didn’t worry much about Samsung even before the match,” he told Inven. “The results reflect that. We did give them some kills early on, but I thought he had the upper hand the entire time because our mid laner was winning.”

KT Rolster’s next match against SK Telecom T1, the one team KT has a uniquely bad record against. Although they only have one day of practice until their match on Friday, Score says the players will prepare their best games, especially because SKT has been showing uncharacteristic weaknesses lately.

“We only get to practice one day,” he said. “This season, our gameplay is looking really good, so I want to win. SKT’s two junglers have shown that they’re falling behind. However I am certain they are working twice as hard to cover their mistakes. There is some pressure, but we’ll play our absolute best.”

Score also said that the games against SKT will be “determined in the laning phase,” perhaps referencing the latest newest patch that was applied at the beginning of the gauntlet. Score ended the interview by saying he hopes to “deliver victory with (his) hands” and joy to the KT fans.

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