KT Rolster coach says team drawing inspiration from Olympians for SKT match

KT Rolster is gearing up for its match on Friday against SK Telecom T1, and although SKT is the clear favorite of this matchup, KT’s head coach Lee Ji-Hoon said that his team is more than capable of making it to the finals, writes OSEN’s Ko Yong-Jun.

“We can do it,” he told OSEN. “I think we can really do it.”

Lee said that he was particularly inspired by the performances of Korean athletes in the Olympic Games being held in Rio de Janeiro right now, and pointed out the performance of the Korean representative in fencing, Park Sang-Young, who managed to take the gold despite being behind four points and made a miracle comeback.

“The players resonated deeply with Park Sang-Young’s ‘I can do it’ spirit in Rio,” he said. “We also aim to enter our match against SKT with the same mindset.”

Lee also pointed out another Korean olympian Jin Jong-Oh, who also brought back the gold in men’s 50 meter pistol shooting, even though Jin had a slight lapse in concentration and scored a 6.6 on his ninth shot, momentarily putting his first place standing in trouble.

“Our players have also learned to never lose focus no matter the situation through watching Jin Jong-Oh put the gold medal around his neck,” he said. “SKT is a strong opponent, and they did beat us many times. However we are going to give them our absolute all.”

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