FoREv tells Fomos it is “still very possible” he re-signs with MVP Phoenix

A tweet suggested MVP Phoenix’s off laner Lee “FoREv” Sang-Don is leaving the organization, but he said differently in an interview with Fomos.

FoREv tweeted Monday night that he was “gonna be done” with MVP but told Fomos he is open to returning to the organization, which has been his home for the last three years.

In a phone interview with Fomos, FoREv said he was “still in the negotiating stage with MVP,” and that it is “still very possible to re-sign with them.” However he also made clear that the idea of a transfer is still on the table by saying that he “could transfer to a different team if a better offer was available.”

The interview was posted after FoREv’s tweet but did not reference it.

MVP was one of the six invited teams to The International 2016 and the only Southeast Asian representative to be invited thanks to its good results in prominent offline tournaments, such as coming in fourth in the Shanghai Major and winning the Dota Pit Season 4 and WePlay Dota 2 League Season 3. Dota Pit was perhaps MVP’s largest statement, as it took down Evil Geniuses in the finals.

FoREv signed with MVP Phoenix in 2013 and played a large part reaching TI4 in 2014 from the wild card tournament. A year later at TI5, he moved to a carry position and MVP came out of the group stage in first place for the first time in Korean Dota 2 history.

During TI6, MVP made a name for itself with it’s “fight first, think later” strategy, even taking down OG, a strong contender heading into the tournament, and proceeding in the upper bracket. Although MVP dropped to the lower bracket after losing to eventual champion Wings Gaming, and then to FNATIC in the lower bracket, it still managed to place 5-6th place.

He also told Fomos he hopes even if he “moves to a foreign team, the fans don’t forget that he is a Korean DOTA 2 player,” and continue to support him.

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