Empathy for Coldzera

I usually like to write in some chronological order, but there needs to be a disclaimer first, as people can’t read past the headline or the first two lines. I do not condone what Coldzera wrote. It was wrong, short-sighted and not the correct way to vent his frustration.

I also think the response was blown out of proportion. In life, when you say something out of an emotional state, you apologize, and people let bygones be bygones as long as whatever happened didn’t break any lines. Coldzera said something bad and he apologized. That should be the end of it. Yet we still have people calling him a terrible person.

For those of you who can think past one day, try to remember who Coldzera is: An extremely competitive player who sacrificed his home and his family for this career. This is a team driven by ambition to be the best it can be. Former coach zews pointed out that losing to TyLoo may have been the catalyst that forced this team to stay on top because the bitterness of defeat was so painful that they never wanted to taste it again.

SK has now lost multiple online matches. As former SC2 player Qxc once said, “It wasn’t that I loved winning, it was that I hated losing.” Losing a game as a pro is different than losing a game as a casual player. A pro’s very identity, the way he measures his own self-worth, is tied in large part to winning games. So they feel the loss more, especially in a team as emotional as SK. I’ll repeat it again, I don’t condone what he did. But I understand where the frustration comes from and have empathy with his pain even though I disagree with his actions.

He made a mistake, he apologized, let’s move on.

Oh, another disclaimer: I empathize and understand pro players’ problems, but that’ll never stop me from making jokes. I can’t help myself.

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