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This is the first of many blog posts I’ll be writing for Slingshot. As this was the first, I decided to lay out the premise for what this was all about. One of the things they specifically asked for was a Twitter on steroids. The parameters were whatever I wanted. The style anyway I felt. The game anything I felt like. So this will encompass esports as a whole and will be written from my perspective in whatever prism I feel like. As that’s the case I’ll make jokes, go on rants, write observations, discuss whatever I feel like, maybe go on completely deluded consciousness streams. For reference, I follow CS:GO, SC2, Dota2, FGC, Melee, LoL and bits and pieces of other things whenever they hit my fancy.

In a way, this blog will be like the old esports show Live on Three with DJWheat, SirScoots and Slasher as it isn’t particularly¬†specialized in any esport. I say that, but the main game I watch right now is CS:GO, so maybe it’ll tilt that way when I write.

By the time I’m done, you’ll at times think I’m insane, funny, boring, stupid, evil, good, sardonic, an asshole, smart or ignorant. I’m a lot of different things to a lot of different people and the¬†morals by which I run my life are different from other people. The only constant you can know about me is that I am what I am. I will never pretend to be otherwise. And along the way, you’ll learn a thing or two about esports.

Chiu on That.


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