Ambition on trying to end 19-game losing streak to KT: “I think we can really win this time if we play with malice.”

After defeating the Afreeca Freecs 3-1 on Thursday, Samsung Galaxy will play KT Rolster in the finals of the Korean gauntlet for the region’s final berth for the League of Legends World Championship.

Samsung jungler Kang “Ambition” Chan-Yong told Inven’s Kim Hong-Jae this could finally be the time Samaung ends its 19-game losing streak against KT.

“I think we can really win this time if we play with malice,” he told Inven.

When asked about how the team dealt with the initial setback of losing Game 1, Ambition said Samsung’s old habits resurfaced for a bit, but they quickly changed their mentality to take the match.

“Afreeca came forth with a more aggressive composition than we expected, and we were rather conservative in our play,” he said. “We changed the way we looked at the match. I kept emphasizing (to the team) that we won’t have regrets if we do our best. Luck was on our side, and I think I made some pretty good plays.”

Samsung’s head coach Choi Woo-Bum was also interviewed with Ambition and said that he didn’t think for a second that his team would lose to Afreeca, even after the first loss.

“I didn’t think we’d lose the match,” he told Inven. “I thought that if we won Game 2, we’d take the series with a 3-1.”

When asked about the deeper champion pool for Samsung, Choi pointed out Lee “Crown” Min-Ho as one of the players that really stepped up after their time off.

“Crown was very upset losing to KT before,” he said. “So after he came back from vacation, he spent a lot of time practicing different champions. I also consider having a deep champion pool as a must in order to beat KT in the finals.”

Choi ended the interview by saying that he only asks his players “to play comfortably and not think too much about the pressure,” and that “as long as (they) make it a good match,” he would be satisfied.

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