The Admin can never relinquish control

Let’s recap the admin decision that happened at Counter-Strike event Northern Arena over the weekend. In short, Immortals’ Hen1 wasn’t wearing his headset for the first three rounds of the final map. The admins decided to reset the match, then there was an argument for an hour and they went back to the original score line.

As a disclaimer, I don’t believe this changed the result of the match. Immortals was strategically outplaying Cloud9 the entire series, and Train was only won off of a superlative performance by Cloud9. No, the problem here is that we cannot definitely prove if Immortals cheated in those first three rounds or not. The only thing we know for sure is that they had the capability to. The admin, upon realizing that, tried to reset the game.

The decision to reset the game or not wasn’t the problem. The problem was the admin essentially let the players decide. This is the worst thing an admin can do. Either the players act in a self-interested manner or they are forced to be morally blackmailed into doing the “right and fair” thing. This has happened before on LAN where Team Liquid and Luminosity (now SK) had a similar situation play out.

All that happens is the tournament itself gets a worse reputation in the eyes of the community and leaves one team angry or bitter after the fact. Admins of new tournaments need to take responsibility for their own actions.

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