In the Middle of the Night

There is something special about watching an esports event in the middle of the night. I imagine it’s the same for any spectator sport, actually. You either take a nap early or stay up till 2-3 a.m. to watch some players live.

Personally, VODs are superior to everything (assuming they’re cut properly) as you can skip past all delays, rewind and pause it whenever you want. Yet, when I can, I do watch games live.

One of the first games I ever watched was Nestea vs sC in SC2. It was one of the best series played in the early stages of SC2 and is still regarded as one of the great series played in the game’s history. I remember the feeling of all drowsiness melting away, the adrenaline pumping into my system as I watched Nestea barely survive attack after attack to only barely clinch the game against the super aggressive sC.

Despite not sleeping for over 24 hours, I couldn’t fall asleep afterward. My mind was on fire as the game replayed in my mind over and over and as I analyzed every detail of everything that led up to that game and everything that came after it.

Since then, I’ve experienced that sensation multiple times as I’ve watched games across the years and while I still prefer VODs or watching games in my time zone, there is something to be said about watching in the middle of the night. When you are swinging between the states of waking and dreaming, where the cold nips at your consciousness, the darkness envelops you blocking out all sensory and all you focus on is the game.

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