Starseries Starladder 2 Day1 Reactions

So my initial plan was to go to sleep early and then wake up a few hours into the first day of Starladder. Instead what happened was I slept early and woke up right before it started. While my sleep schedule has gone to shit, I did get to watch most of the broadcast.

The biggest thing to happen today was the rise of Heroic and TyLoo. Heroic again beat Astralis and at this point is the best Danish team. The CajunB/Kjaerbye swap has ended in disaster as both Astralis and Dignitas have fallen off since the trade.


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TyLoo was the other big surprise, as it upset Na’Vi. This is the fourth time they’ve upset a good team. Their victim list is SK (former Luminosity), Immortals (former Tempo Storm), mouz and Na`Vi. I don’t count Liquid as that was during the weird musical chairs lineup period of the s1mple roster.

The other thing to note is that there were stomps everywhere as Dignitas, Flipsid3 and MVP were beaten into the ground. Shara won the award for the race to the bottom, as he got three kills in a game. Unfortunately Flipsid3 wasn’t able to hold on a bit longer for Shara to get the fabled 3-22 score.

Finally, the standout player of day1 was valde. He was beating up on everyone.

The second funniest thing to have happened was the NiP-HR game where NiP took Maikelele’s AWP 7 rounds in giving it to f0rest instead. They then gave it back in the 24th round after it became clear Hellraisers had no idea how to win a T round.

The funniest was Znajder.

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