Professionalism is not an argument

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When fans get offended by something a prominent figure in the community either writes or says, one of the arguments they bring up is professionalism. The question is why?

Professionalism, as I understand it, is being good at your job. Anyone can say or post whatever they want outside of it and people can disagree or get angry about what they say there. But saying it isn’t professional doesn’t make much sense, unless they are such a large brand name that they represent an entire org. (Personally I’d argue that even famous people and prominent figures should be allowed to say what they want, but that’s a different topic altogether).

The more I see the word used in the context of esports, the more I think it’s a code word for fans saying they were offended by what a person did or said, but they have no real arguments to use. If there aren’t any ready to use ad hominem, then they go to the word “professional” as if to take the moral high ground against whoever offended them.

Just one of those strange things that keeps popping up even though it makes no logical sense to me.


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